Saturday, 2 November 2019


goodness me.
I blinked, and now it is November.
It's been another extraordinary year.
I've had exhibitions in New Orleans, Scotland and England.
Taught in Canada, Scotland and France,
and taught myself a lot about small-scale
film-making for my online school.

The weather is still
awfully dry here in South Australia
in fact
the dams look a bit like that
lovely rusted image above.

I found a pile of dried eucalyptus leaves
in a garden in Mexico
which was a brilliant excuse
to acquire this lovely blue enamel pot.
It's beautifully light and fits
nicely into my suitcase.

The River Tay welcomed me back
(or so I like to think), and several
happy hours were spent filming
bundles drifting on the tide.

Now I'm home a while,
happily dancing with indigo,
teaching myself as much as
I can about that particular magic,
while also working on new projects
for the
School of Nomad Arts.

One of which has been released today.

Some years ago I published a very limited edition
of 'wandercards',
inspirational cards devised to offer ideas for
the exploration of the poetics of place.
There were rather a lot of enquiries about
a reprint, but in the interests of sustainability
I thought it best to make the texts available
online (saving the costs of printing and
mailing) so that people could make their
own unique sets, using repurposed materials
if they wished.

You'll find them here

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