Saturday, 17 March 2018

the school of nomad arts

I am pinching myself ... but it is true.

I have taken the plunge.

(what on earth is she on about, I hear you mutter)

Thanks to my friend Christi Carter telling me about Seasonal Affective Disorder, (something that was unknown to me) which prompted me to dream up a February project to help keep the February blues at bay...and then her insisting I really needed to make a video for the FB group (created for those who invested in the Bagstories book)

and then the darling Bagsisters being so very kind about my filming skills (and a bit of pride myself because I was able to make a wee film without saying UM or anything naughtier).

All of this gave me the confidence to create a virtual campfire that I am calling

the School of Nomad Arts.

it is the place you can go to learn and to make, all while curled up in your armchair, wearing your favourite jimjams and without having to brush your hair if you can't be bothered.

the first ever class is

the Alchemist's Apron

starting on March 22 (but open for enrolments now).

care to join me there? I hope so.


  1. good luck with your new adventure!

  2. Q, how do I subscribe to your blog?

    1. if you scroll down the left hand column, you'll find a badge labelled 'followers'...I think there's a follow button there?

  3. I take Vitamin D 3 5,000 iu's for SAD, I also purchased a light lamp. I have an awful time with it. I am an outdoor person, gardener herbalist so no sun and cold for months really brings me down

    1. seems as though you are taking some good steps toward dealing with it?