Monday, 19 September 2016

blue seas blue skies blue daze

from Mukilteo i took the ferry to Whidbey Island
and discovered
to my great delight
that our studio space was positioned in a most romantic place
Camp Casey
on the coast, by the Salish Sea
with a forest behind
and remarkable fortifications to explore
the buildings were spare and beautiful, white walls, wooden floors
and with a room above the studio that we could use for installations, poetry readings, the occasional dance...and a good space in which to practice my lovely Native American flute

the beach proved a marvellous studio space as well
and falling leaves from the forest behind coloured cloth as well as paper

and such beautiful stones

from Whidbey I came to Vancouver, which seems to be a city of stone stackers

at Maiwa East we worked on our aprons, wrote poetry, received the blessing of blue

and made string
some of the string found itself transformed
and all of it became blue in the course of time
eucalypts, as ever, seem to be incurably fascinating, and a student was very happy with her work (below)
especially when combined with local colour
in our class at Maiwa we had a songbird
here's one of the songs she sang for us (or rather, to the indigo vats)
unaccompanied and with the voice of an angel
and may i say
her version eclipsed the original, and the Sarah Mc Lachlan cover

i'll be on my way home soon
dreaming blue dreams way up in the sky


  1. how beautiful, listening to blue now .... lovely things made .....

    1. Thank you...was one of those weeks I didn't really want to end ...

  2. wow! your blue space graced by Joni, that's as good as it gets!

    1. Was even better...our singer has a voice that is as pure as water but sumptuous as chocolate cake...and her singing Joni's beautiful words cut straight through to the heart

  3. There's something so utterly special about how the activities within your classes morph so seamlessly, one into the next. When class is over, a student realizes they've come away with an experience much richer than they'd foretold. Magic in that, definitely.

  4. BIG Thank you for yet another inspiring post AND the info about Eva Cassidy, what a voice!