Friday, 27 May 2016

a dream come true


i have wanted to stay on a houseboat in Sausalito ever since the first time i came to the Bay Area. i know the retired pirate in Swallows and Amazons lived on a lake
and i do love lakes
but i seriously love places with tides (which is why the Tay River also has a corner of my heart)

so when i discovered the Yellow Ferry i was delighted.

here was a chance to spend time living on the water
with the space to invite people to come and share in the poetics of the place

sometimes an event is so much worth the doing that it doesn't matter that it doesn't return a profit. it came out even and that was fine (and good for the local economy!)

and happily (at almost the last minute) i had the thought to ask Chef Violette to join us, meaning i didn't have to rise at the crack of dawn to begin prep...and also that the food was far better than anything i could have offered. she flew in on my frequent flyer points, bless her heart. cooked fabulous abundances of vegetarian gluten free food and served us utterly sensational desserts at afternoon tea time (with different ice-creams every day, all beaten by hand)

 (above) lentils, polenta, crispy baked kale leaves, and a rich tomato sauce
(below) shortbread icecream , ginger snaps, caramelized pineapple, fragrant rice pudding and blueberries
three brown feet

bundles (looking a bit like the seals that lolled on rafts just a little ways from the boat)
and of course i adore paeonies


  1. It was all of the above and more, so much more! Thank you India and be so well cared for and fed...there could be no greater encouragement for our work.

    1. Bless you dear good to see you again.

  2. what lucky lucky people :)

  3. what a wonderful 3 days but i really need 5 days .i had such a good time . thank you india .

    1. So glad you came, me dear...and yes, I felt we needed five days if only we could have had a firepit as well as the boat....

  4. Oh my... What a heavenly time you've had.

  5. Just dreamy. My head has been in the clouds for awhile. Having a nice amble about the blog catching up as it were. Rich and I trying like hell to figure out how to buy our own small patch somewhere and houseboat was amongst the options. Not cheap but cheaper than a house for sure. xo