Tuesday, 9 February 2016

last call for wandercards...for now

the wandercard project has brought me great joy
kind emails have flown in from all over the whirled
remembering workshops together and other connections made

93 sets have been spoken for
6 sets remain available

at midnight tonight i'll stop taking orders
so that i can concentrate on 
getting the cards wrapped and packed
for their journeys to adventures around the globe

they'll be going to Germany, Austria, France, Canada
the Netherlands, Denmark, the UK and the USA
as well as wandering around my big island home, Australia

thank you, friends. 
so grateful for your support.

:: both images tweaked with the grunge filter on Snapseed


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  2. so looking forward to these arriving, thank you, India :)

    1. I was writing your name on a box last night, Jane, so they'll be on their way soon