Tuesday, 8 September 2015

down in the ninth


 'being (t)here' in the lower ninth was so absorbing i hardly took any photographs at all. but here are a few...we walked along the levee
and wandered through the streets
finding several enormous pecan trees whose inhabitants were cheerfully hurling unripe nuts to the ground
those nuts made a fabulous brew
as ever, the bundles were a source of joy. we worked with cloth and paper
experimented with kitchen-sourced mordants and spent time considering words in gentle poetic forms

New Orleans water has a quality all its own. the reaction to the spent gladiolus flowers was particularly beautiful. that blue came instantly
we had interest from a pair of goats who seemed keen to join us in the studio
not to mention a rather lovely cat who happily rolled in our poetry after hours,
rearranging the words to his satisfaction

at one point he took centre stage on the shared work table and cheerfully faced each offered camera in turn so that everyone could enjoy a photo opportunity

i'd like to thank each of my students for being t)here, for sharing your stories and for adding to the general pool of wisdom. 


  1. As usual, your workshop sounds wonderful.. love your images, and the idea of poetry added only sweetens the 'pot' and the results.

    1. thanks Donna...i've really been relishing the poetry. we write collectively and the poem comes together by chance
      somehow it always rings true

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  3. It was a wonder, a journey, an incredible experience. Thank you, Miss India!

    1. And thank YOU for being there...it was a joy to work with you