Wednesday, 22 July 2015

last minute mending

while packing for foreign parts
i discovered that my favourite silkymerino skirt
had worn rather thin
was letting daylight into where the sun should not shine

and had also become shorter
not through shrinkage
but because parts of me have gone sideways
is a little embarrassing.

as you know
and to paraphrase A.A.Milne
"a bear, however hard she tries, grows tubby without exercise"
and i seem to have reached the age where 
three times as much exercise is needed in order to work off 
half the calories i could consume as a young 'un 
and still remain a size 12.
math has never been my strong point
[that's why i prefer string to numbers when it comes to measuring]

so the long and the short of it was that i needed to extend the hem
to allow for what was going sideways

the skirt has been mended before

some of the stitching was a little rushed
i shall add more when i have a moment

but meanwhile
it's been reinforced, mended, extended
and overdyed so it's all singing off the same songsheet
to strengthen the fibres
because that's what eucalyptus does
much better now

meanwhile today is the last day for earlybird registrations for the Mansfield classes

because i'm off.

 meanwhile if you like 
happy snaps and sparse words [until the next blog post]
you'll find me on instagram
which is an amusing place to play


  1. How lovely, India. The skirt, not the expanding waistline (I have the same frustrating problem). Hope your travels are safe and wondrous!

  2. and each mending makes the piece more beautiful...........

  3. Well, I sure got a good giggle out of reading this because as you were lengthening, I was shortening. Ain't only bears going a bit sideways for I was hemming a new pair [new to me] of Thrift Store jeans. Seems my favorite oldies were riding a bit too scrinched so more comfort was definitely in the forecast. But having been tossed the short end of the stick I had to delete almost 3.5 inches off my hems! Definitely won't smell of a delightful euc forest either .... ;>)

    1. but just think of the lovely pair of beaded denim cuffs you could make to complete your look!

    2. Next time ;>D At this rate I'm sure I'll need a second pair soon!

  4. i admire your ability to make work in the last minute and with a very lovely result , i could not would be very stressed, about age everything strange happen !!!safe travel

    1. the thing is Bodil, there's no point in stressing about small things. my solution when the porridge gets too thick [ie there's too much going on] is to go outside and look at the stars.
      tonight Sagittarius and Scorpius are dancing together directly overhead while Jupiter waves to Venus behind the cradle-boat moon...which instantly makes everything better

  5. The over dye over the mending makes my heart beat faster. A wonderful result. Safe travels. x

  6. travelling with that nifty skirt is lovely. age is an interesting challenge.

  7. Your words bloom in a beautiful way, as do your colors!

  8. Oh, India! I love your new skirt. The overdyeing is beautiful.

  9. I just gets better and better!

  10. Wonderful mending... have been doing a spot of mend and overdye myself, so I am having a moment of 'snap!'. And welcome 'when the porridge gets too thick' as a way to describe such moments. I hope the travel is balmy.

  11. Woot! The interweb takes away and one fine day it gives back! Happy to return as a commenter :)

    1. Cheeky intermonkeys. Nice to have you back!

  12. Fascinating way to mend and then overdye, I never thought of that and I didn't know about eucalyptus leaves strengthening fibre either! I need to read more of your blog :D

  13. I had to smile at your comment of 'going sideways'... some humor at growing older and the consequences and toll on our bodies... and minds... happy workshop journeys!

  14. I have a favorite skirt that has developed holes in it and I have been wondering how to "heal" it into something wearable again. I'm happy to see yours has a few more years left in it!