Thursday 19 February 2015

same town, new eyes

yesterday i had to take the trusty Augustus
down to Murray Bridge for a grease and oil change

i love that i can take backroads there
through familiar bits of wide brown land

some visitors have described our roads as brutal
frankly most times i'd rather putter along on the dirt than hoon along the freeway
(unless i'm in a pony car. that's a different matter. entirely.)

after we dropped Augustus at his day spa
Kubbi and i faced a day on foot in the great outdoors
(they don't offer loan vehicles if you have a furry friend) 

also, we needed to carry supplies (drinks and snacks)
because unlike the customs prevailing in Europe 
where dogs are welcome even in restaurants
Australian canine companions are discouraged from darkening the doorways of local businesses
no matter how pretty they are

so it was a chance for me to discover that town through 
a different set of eyes
and accompanied by a different set of feet.

there's an evil local weed called caltrop
which has horrible and vicious spikes and is unavoidable in several places.
 i had to carry the Kubblet across several infested areas to avoid having her paws stabbed

we walked to the big river
met some other pups
and there was a splendid romp
(which was too much fun to be part of to waste time messing with a camera)

sat in the shade under one of the bridges for which the town is named
and watched corellas pretending to be pigeons
and also showing off by performing acrobatics and hanging upside down

and then went back for another swim

wandering about aimlessly
making the odd drawing
playing with feathers and bark
and an enthusiastic pup
was rather fun
(though i had a pile of work waiting at home)

and now i had better get on with it


  1. I can feel the walking splashy freedom of the day all the way here!

  2. You might have the new eyes, but whoa baby, Kubbi's got the EARS ;>]]

  3. india i love when you tell of a ordinary day , which always are unusual, for me far from . lovely Kubbi with the ears listen to what are going on here !!!.enjoy your days

  4. she is so cute. Is she coming to allansford?

  5. beautiful dog and wonderful descrption and photography