Wednesday 5 November 2014

fieldnotes, revisited

'fieldnotes' has opened at the Quarter Gallery in Minneapolis
sadly I couldn't be there (apologies to my friends in the region but this month I was geographically, temporally and somewhat financially challenged!)
but they've done a fine job of hanging it in my absence 
even included an extra dress (one that had stayed with them from the 'windfall maps' show of 2011)

Howard Oransky, Director, kindly sent me some images

and you can find the catalogue here


  1. always touch my heart
    india....Your work

  2. Yes indeed, they did a great job hanging it without you - looks fab. Especially fine lighting in there ... adds a lot of warmth to that huge space & puts good attention on all your bits n'bobs ;>]]

  3. Congrats India - hopefully you have a sell out fingers crossed for you!!

    Then you can fly away again, so long as you keep creating and blogging that would be fine - but really this is a coup d'├ętat - well done - I love it!!

  4. Oh how I wish I lived close enough to see this ... looks so fabulous ... congrats !

  5. Beautifully installed from what I can see in the photographs. The space around your pieces and the beautiful lighting sets them off so well. I would love to see this exhibition. Congratulations.