Tuesday, 22 April 2014

flight patterns

one of the pieces i worked on while in residence in Portland last year
is now showing in Flight Patterns at Hartsfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta, USA
it's a little hard to see the detail of my work in the photo below
but it gives you an idea
India Flint, Night Flight
Mary Ruth Smith, Flowers in the Clouds
Bounxou Daohaeung, Bird Kingdom
Michael James, The Long Flight: Sanctuary

image by Dot Moye

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this is what i wrote at the time about the making of 'nightflight'

in memory of Dr Peter Schwerdtfeger
Professor Emeritus
Meteorologist, Glaciologist and Pilot
23 December 1935 - 20 August 2013

the making of 'NightFlight' was generously supported by the Joan Mitchell Center in New Orleans through a two week artist residency, co-facilitated by the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts and also by the Oregon College of Art + Craft through a subsequent six-week residency. 
Silk for the project was donated by Beautiful Silks in Melbourne, Australia

'NightFlight' was dyed firstly wrapped around a piece of driftwood, using windfallen leaves as the initial colourant. The nocturnal shades were added by grace of an organically fermented indigo vat.
those of you with a copy of 'fieldnotes' may already be familiar with another piece of related text which also appears 


  1. Congratulations on reaching this new audience! That combination of indigo blues and plant browns/oranges/reds is delectable.

  2. For your pa.
    Tis a beautiful thing, this memory,
    what you have done with blue.

  3. a wounderful memory to your father

  4. a wonderful memorial to your father, seems he must have been an interesting man with lots of stories