Saturday, 15 March 2014

With a bit of luck

with a bit of luck
I shall survive the pond-hop
and make it home
so that
I can type up my notes
edit the pix of the work "in place"
(ie where it is hanging now in New Orleans)
and offer a catalogue for 'fieldnotes'

It won't be a traditional catalogue
though I will include the usual statistics
year of making, dimensions, materials, title
It will be a series of stories
detailing how and where the pieces were made
with locational photos and pix detailing progress
to supplement the pix of the finished work

Sorry I can't give you an image here
am trying to post this via my iPad
for some reason best known to the ghost of Steve Jobs
Won't let me post a photo from anything other than the internet

Except that with rat cunning I have circumvented blogger by adding a pic from my phone...


  1. ups India what a disorder, seems you have got new idear, please send more information about the bags in fieldnotes tsunobukuro technique, or canyou have a exampel with you to Scotland , have surch on the net , but difficult to see how they do it!!!safe, safe travel home to your AUS

  2. a catalogue on blurb? would be a nice thing to buy. safe journey home ...

  3. rat cunning, now that's a playable phrase.

  4. The non-traditional bit sounds a real treat, with stories included ["pix detailing progress" ... oh heavens ... good stuff, bring it on !]

    Must confess to appreciating Steve Jobs' limitations which have perpetuated the recent display of LARGER images. Bit biased, ahem.