Friday, 28 February 2014

Walkin to New Orleans

Well, not quite walking.

Flying, if I'm honest, this evening

Meanwhile I've been staying with my friend Claudia Grau
and slinging a few things into a dye pot on her deck
overlooking (and happily avoiding) the mayhem that is pre-Oscars Hollywood

and now it's raining, which is a fine thing for California 
as they're on the verge of running out of water

not so good for my boots.
Good thing I'm NOT walkin to New Orleans !


  1. i only knew one person who can throw fabric in a dyepot , and get such a result, her name are India Flint - safe travel

  2. I think there's a bit of extra magic in the local water...if only I knew what!

  3. One of these days,
    someone's gonna attend the Oscars wearing an IF *original* ... no doubt about it. 'Specially after frocks going hanging about on castle walls and such ;>]

  4. Oh, I'm sure of it! I saw Gilda last night and she said it was one person bought five frocks in boston!!!! someone was determined she wouldn't meet anyone else wearing India's things, perhaps ..