Monday, 10 February 2014

in which a small white rabbit peeps over the brim of the hat

what with the waiting list for the Second Skin class in March being considerably bigger than the class itself
and Sally Harvey letting me know that the proposed renovations at lovely Crockett Cottage will have been completed this year

i decided that it really was time to plan another retreat at Mansfield.  

here's what i am dreaming...

three days at Mansfield in Victoria’s beautiful High Country, making and dyeing a beautiful and versatile SilkyMerino  second skin to keep you warm while wandering, together with an exquisite hand-stitched bag in which to carry it when it isn't being worn.

spring in Mansfield is gorgeous
and i'm looking forward to the roadtrip there

please drop me a line through the contact page on my website if you'd like more information
and what is a trampoline doing in the sea? i have no more idea than you do...


  1. That would be very nice but I do believe I am far too committed for the year. But I can still dream

  2. Crocket Cottage looks like a lovely place to explore, create and be inspired by. The trampoline is in the sea for JUMPING off, of course!!

  3. I can dream too...
    Love your header and the glorious colours in your dress.