Tuesday, 4 February 2014

humming the blues with Happinez and in good company

yesterday there was some interesting mail
in fact, quite a lot had drifted in whilst i was
across the wild blue yonder
 some of it even had bears on it
i like bears
one of the parcels contained a lovely magazine from France
it is not often that i see my name on the same page
as Albert Einstein
[even though he and my paternal grandfather were acquainted and 
Einstein's efforts on my grandfather's behalf in 1939 
contributed to our family's settling in South Australia, but that's another story ]
across from Jamie Oliver
or a scant 47 pages away from Paulo Coelho
what really made me happy
was that they had also published an image of my friend Roz's work
[they used mostly images that had appeared in Second Skin]
which brings me to the other bit of news
 Roz and i have dreamed up a new plan
[we had one earlier but the fates intervened]
we are calling it 
and you can wear your blue jeans
if you want


  1. ther are nothing more than i want to do a travel to AUS and NZ for month , ones in my lifrtime , to play with the blue ,i know a danish women living near Adelaide , she come to DK this year , maybee we can talk more about this project , Tarla the one with coffe!!!!

    1. The coffee alone is worth travelling across the oceans for...

    2. india you have great answer , very expensiv coffee

    3. aaah but it comes with the bonus of blue!

  2. Another trip for my wish list...

  3. oh yes this will be very good, will start saving the pennies now!

  4. The bears look like they brought you a missive from lovely Sandra Brownlee. Congrats on the magazine spread!

  5. this will be a grand event, way better even than wonderful mail. i see hiroko's book peeking out--

    1. Hiroko's book is divine. copies available here


  6. I love the name BOWER BIRDS BLUE... I did a post once on bower birds and their proclivity to collect -- like us! I went over to the link and loved all the blue images.

  7. Interesting snippet about Grandfather and Einstein. Will you write an autobiography one day? I love all your stories.

    1. it may eventually appear, thinly disguised as a novel...so that i may include that classic disclaimer

      "Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental."

  8. Jeans in QLD in January are you mad!!!!! I shall be there perhaps with bells on but no jeans blue or otherwise. x te