Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Titirangi tidbits

every morning i walk to class past a beautiful magnolia
today there were bees queued up around the block
waiting to feast on the flowers [it's clearly the coolest bee cafe around]
 when i arrive i read this
[i think the bees have read it too]
in the evenings i take a walk somewhere
preferably barefoot [no snakes, remember?]
we've been making zero-waste dresses
to have something substantial on which to practice bundling
before we dye the celebration dresses
here they are, immaculate [ie spot free]
but that will change
 we spend some time talking about how pots might influence colour
and then
on the first day everybody fended for themselves at lunchtime
but i was missing the convivial sharing of food
[we don't have a Chloe or a Violette here, i may have mentioned this before]
so on the second day
everybody brought in the vegetable of their choice
[and some folks also brought bread and delicious plums]
we cooked a splendid soup in the lovely pot that Renee brought
and then today
from the leftover vegetables
i made a curry while the class was busily sewing
we had it with a "deconstructed" beetroot raita
and it was jolly good, though i say it myself
we are having lentil soup


  1. Wonderful results and I love your fire outside. We have recently bought a fire bowl off a local metal sculptor so am hoping to do some outdoor cloth cooking this year.
    For those of us who have not managed a class with you for your no waste dresses, have you ever thought of selling them online or doing a book of patterns?

  2. from a very cold and snowdressed DK nothing can bee better than look at theese pictures, lovely dresses with a lot of different colours from the different pots

  3. Aren't beets just the best? Thank you for this post. I love imagining what I might create at one of your classes.

  4. You know...

    Knowing that people such as you exist, and that people wish to learn from them, makes me so happy.

    I am young, and live a frugal existence, but have all your books and simply adore to read your blog...

    Because I feel you are my kind,
    as so few are...

    I wish I could afford to play with leaves and walk barefoot with you!

  5. What fun to be a voyeur in the class. I too can imagine being there and enjoying it all. I love the picture with the ladies in white and the glimpse at some results. Wonderful!

  6. Beautiful dresses and lovely results...Beet raita, what a great idea; I made some Beet KimChi, and I end up with a "sourire rouge" smile, after consuming....I love the dragonfly shapes in dark on the one; I am reminded to find more color to put in my experiments..thanks for sharing

  7. Snowbound here so these images delight. And thanks to your three books I am experimenting and so inspired. Ditto the idea of a pattern book and sell your dresses on line.
    These gals are having so much fun. Thank You!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful time! The dresses are inspiring... time to start stitching in order to make a bigger bundle!

  9. Thank you everybody for your kind contributions...and yes, there IS a shapeshifter publication in the wings, for those whose circumstances prevent them taking part in a class...

  10. One might say that you appear to have the whole stove thing down pat [inside and out ... crikey, look at all dem cauldrons!]
    if I had the chance to walk barefoot in such a place, evening or otherwise, I may not come in for a long, long time ;>}}

  11. Some bee-witching cooking here for sure! Thanks for following Jude's breadcrumbs and coming by for a visit. :)

  12. There must be a moment of anticipation.. holding breath in... looking at the marvelous looking bundle of wrapped cloth.. wondering and hoping that all the plants and flowers and such have left beautiful marks and patterns.. and the wrapped bundles are opening and all the anticipation becomes a marvelous reality.