Wednesday 18 December 2013

like wearing a watercolour

i was so excited to be at home
and unpacking a pot just for me
that i completely forgot to take pix of the cooked bundles
they were rather luscious, if i say it myself

i love dyeing SilkyMerino. it takes colour so very well
and it feels so delicious and buttery soft when worn
[i really need to do a dance commission again, just to show the whirled what a versatile fabric it is]

anyway the three presents have been packed up and will go to the Post Office tomorrow
[for some reason i cannot face driving into the village today and there are too many flies for walking to be fun]
which leaves a limited edition of SilkyMerino loop scarves available for purchase.
i'll make it lucky dip as the colours are "of consistent variety" throughout.

there are a couple on which i only used Eucalyptus cineria
that look like this

but mostly they are variations on this theme

i'm notorious for dropping scarves and from a small child was always concerned NOT to emulate Isadora Duncan so i like my scarves not to fall off.

these are 50cm x 70cm [which would be 140cm if opened out].

wear them slung once as a neck ornament
wrapped twice for a lovely loose twisted scarf
or three times around to keep out a good ice storm

you can even flip a loop over your ears in a pinch
and it's like wearing a watercolour painting

anyway if you think you might like one, simply email me here
[making sure your return email address is correctly typed please]
and we shall discuss how you might cross the gypsy's palm with silver...

to see Sidnee Snell wearing a slightly wider version [70cm x 70cm] please pop over here to my website


  1. These are so gorgeous. Merry Christmas. Jacqui x

  2. India e happy to hear you feel good to be home , enjoy the summer . Yesterday i tried to cut and sew a piece of cloth from the silky merino jersey , very thin fabric so i need a another needle for my sewmachine , yes the colour Works, ev very well, also tried with euca cinera , give fantastic colour , if it do not managed , here are some idears, thank you. happy Christmas

  3. phworrrrrrrrr!!! silky suweeet!

  4. it IS the most gorgeous fabric, encouraged by your works I ordered 5 m and am playing - made a tunic dress from the tube with sleeves added, very very simple, seams felled with a lovely thick silk in a running stitch (also channelling Alabama Chanin - I bought her books too, great Christmas present for daughter and son in law who also sews ..) it hangs perfectly, and encourages me to hand sew because I know using a machine on it would be difficult. I have another piece in a bundle which I am being very very patient before opening (I boiled it up a week ago). thank you for all your beautiful sharing, India, you are a wonderful inspiration, and a Source (also I discovered Ingrid Lucia from your blog)

    1. i mostly hand-sew that fabric too...much more control than sewing machines. and thank you for the kind words!

  5. They are beautiful. I am wondering where I could get that fabric. Any suggestions?

  6. Lovely! I too was scarred by Isadora's story and am careful with scarves. I like your quick tutorial on wearing a circular one.

  7. Lovely! I too was scarred by Isadora's story and am careful with scarves. I like your quick tutorial on wearing a circular one.

  8. Having run my hands over this beauteous fabric and then very happily snapped up one of your scarves during the workshop here on Lopez Island, I can attest to their swoon-able properties, wholeheartedly! Here's a note of special interest: I am often sensitive to the more irritating qualities of wool, but this divine stuff offers none of that ... I even wear mine twisted in the 3-times-round style as a headband/ear cover with no itchiness whatsoever. Not to mention the gentle smell of your country still lingers on it .... bless them eucs ;>]]

  9. Glorious! I am looking forward to trying this fabric in March. Stay safe in the searing heat.

  10. those pics of Sidnee Snell are swell, her clothes are cool.

  11. I love those reddish colours - and the simple organic patterning with repeats.