Wednesday 11 December 2013

home, sweet home

after a very pleasant class at Fort Bragg
where my host Lolli Jacobsen at Pacific Textile Arts
was very kind to me
where i was housed in a most delightful apartment midst the redwoods
[splendidly designed by its owner Jackie Wollenberg on quarter inch graph paper]

i also had the great good fortune to meet Larry Thomas [thank you Lolli] and visit the studio he shares with his partner Ann Hedges [attending a workshop with him is on my bucket list] 

i motored south on the coast road

[would have loved to stay for the snow, but i had a plane to catch]
...there was pretty ice building on the pond as i left.

someone had echoed my thoughts concerning that lovely city by the bay
on the walls of one of the old forts in the Marin Headlands

it's always a little hard to leave
the flight across the big pond
is easiest if you take the option of landing in Brisbane [as opposed to Sydney]
it comes in at the civilized hour of 8am
gliding in over azure waters and sandy islands
and then you have the bonus of a lovely flight across the middle of our beautiful continent

and so to home
to family and friends
and the scent of eucalyptus

goodness me, the piggies are big girls now!

peaches are their favourite vegetables

peacocks have taken over the pizza oven as their roost.
[that may change at the conclusion of the fire ban season]

our sleepy local town has discovered yarn-bombing
[a mere nine years or so after the rest of the whirled]

and now, having unpacked
washed my clothes in rainwater [such bliss not to have to smell of chlorine]
enjoyed a couple of early morning walks under crystal skies
it's time to get back to work.

i think i have a bit of sewing to do...


and you have two days left to enter the draw
Friday 13th is going to be lucky for someone


  1. Hi India...the photo that follows this comment of yours here, "and then you have the bonus of a lovely flight across the middle of our beautiful continent" looks like a most beautiful Wayfarer's Windfall Cloth (made by Mother Earth). So happy for you that you are home for a while. Thanks ever so much for traveling here and teaching us all your beauty way. Love the photos of home, they are great.

    1. Mother Earth really sets the benchmark when it comes to making things...

  2. i am always glad to hear you have arrived home, safe and sound. happy holidaymaking, and re-grounding.

    1. thanks Velma. grounding is always good.
      but holiday making? some festives yes, but i'm still working....
      is how i like it!

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  4. all who wander are not...lost, they are just wandering.

    loved this post you covered the good parts in photos! good job.

    sleeping in the redwood forests.....marvelous.

    there is no place like home. rainwater to wash your hair!

    I keep up with you, i don't always comment.

  5. Must be one of the most beautiful things to receive in this life ... unexpected love notes.

    Here is a fine collection of noses & snouts, all wondering where in the dickens you've been keeping yourself [vegetable peaches ~ that's hilarious!]

  6. nice to know you have arrived home . look forward to your return ( :

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  8. Glad your home safely and on the whole sounds like a good trip.

  9. Your home is enchanting especially when there are peacocks on the pizza oven. :) Glad we saw each other this year. xo-C

  10. oming home to reconnect is always good. Your photos of home are lovely!

  11. Quiet joy at your safe homecoming...lovely place you hang you hat and plant your boots!

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  13. Loving the peacocks and your peaceful shots.

  14. Glad you got home safely.x friday the 13th is lucky for me no matter what happens...l am flying your way! I am cominstralis.... to see my baby boy!! Melbourne for 3 days, then on to Sydney for 3 weeks. I am so excited. your images Indiax and l too am looking forward to the smell of Eculyptus!xx lynda

  15. Such grand adventures... good to see your home critters, and to know that you are there with them, safe home. Funny close-up of Martha's nose ( I think that's Martha's nose anyway!!) I'm blessed with a well with NO chlorine. How DO people deal with that!!

    1. that nose belongs to Mrs Poo [properly known as Willow]
      how were you to know?
      it is a very fuzzy nose.

  16. happy to hear you are at home , working yes of course , it would not be India if she does Work, it is her life , a fine storry again , thank you


  17. wow they are bush pigs?

    Good ol' Adelaide never fails to live up to expectations. Yarnbombing at last. Chuckle.
    Where was this??

    1. Only one of them looks bushy. Shh. And the yarn bombing is outside the CWA at Mount Pleasant, SA

  18. Beautiful words and images. Following you is a pleasant journey!