Saturday, 23 November 2013


the internet is a lot like gardening except the weeds grow a good deal faster and you don't get any tomatoes

yesterday i began to wonder whether it might not be totally self-indulgent to be keeping a blog at all

and turned it off to think about it for a while

unfortunately blogger doesn't come up with a message to say "the person who is responsible for the guff on this page is having a bit of a think"

instead [as rather a lot of emails informed me] it rudely slams a door and tells the potential reader that they have not been invited to the party.

so please accept my apologies if the door hurt your toes
i've turned it on again [but i'm still having a bit of a think]


  1. thank you .... i had a mini panic attack .

  2. Toes fine now ;-) ! I know what you mean, I've been AWOL from my blog a lot this year, wondering whether I'm contributing to the world (or my life), or just earbashing people about whatever trivial thing seems important to me. I'm still thinking too. I suspect you're contributing a lot more than I am though!

  3. Guess that says we all know where a good party is!

    Every garden needs its time of rejuvenation and we can be a greedy lot out here. Personally, I just hate it when the weeds overtake all the lovely blooms ;>}}

  4. Glad I decided to wait and see... you were probably inundated with emails. Blogs were a Goddess send for me - and still are - ligving alone in the forest without a vibrant art tribe. So, for what its worth, others' blogging helps me feel connected to some sort of art trive. Now that I'm on FB, its a bit like blogging, but it just doesn't have the depth for me.

    happy weeding and thinking.

  5. Stay Beautiful. Wherever u wander is blessed.

    & sip u some xtra crystal. ;).

  6. I wish I could have one of those 'gone fishing' messages for my real life --- I'd like nothing more than to have some quiet time away - far from the madding crowd to think and recharge..... I feel like I've been in the washing machine lately trying to remain calm when different folk's personalities and life paths have clashed with my quiet little path.... its hard not to feel battered by the experience --- blogging has, for me, been a way to quietly connect with folk more of my ilk....

    happy thinking time my bloggy-friend (I for one value your blogginess) xx

  7. I guess i'm one of those weeds. Sorry to be a nuisance....

    Thank you for letting us know you are thinking. I value the time you take to blog/share. You are an inspiration to me and if I had the moola I'd be at the Dunedin, New Zealand Workshop next year as I'd love to meet you!

  8. Panic attack is right! If you ever had any doubt I hope that tells you how much your blog is essential reading and so appreciated. Many ,many Wow postings with pictures to drool over! Plus the inclusive feeling of having a peek at the places you visit and the classes you run, the poetry , rock piles, all your thoughts that enrich us . I have often thought how time consuming it must be for you and hoped you wouldn't tire of it.
    So happy thinking and I will keep fingers crossed.


  9. Sounds like the douche canoes are getting you down.
    Good thing they are a minority. Really.

  10. It makes my day when I see a new blog post from you, I love to see what you are working on, and I love reading and seeing pics from your travels(I don't get out and about much) I also love your perspective on things because it really asks me to think. I would sorely miss your blog if you stop posting!!!

  11. Take your time .... thinking is good ....but please come back.
    A quote I found on Tumblr today...
    "Silence is also conversation" — Sri Ramana Maharshi

  12. India, I know what it's like when blogging gets to feel a bit empty. Am I living to blog about it or am I blogging to feel alive? I've thought of closing mine this whole year, but somehow I don't want to lose the connection.
    From a selfish point of view I hope you don't close yours because, echoing others here, it's one one of the most interesting around.

  13. india , do not close your blog , i love it and it is a possibility to write more to you and personal, but of course it is your decision, all the good on the way

  14. mind i egocenterd i....would miss you and your cauldron staying in most wonderful places all over the world
    but you is you

  15. Like others have already told you, I hope you can find a way to continue as I enjoying your pages so much, no matter what you are sharing. I too have been wondering how I can continue my blog in ways that fit in with the wonderful thing that is a busy and creative LIFE and yet still appeal to my readers. Perhaps blogging has changed now that most people like to be in continuous connection to the web, with everything just one click away? Interested to see how we find a way through! Best wishes, Ax

  16. We've never met in real life, but I'm under the impression, that you are one of the most authentic, non-self-indulgent people I know. Pondering, adjusting, change of heart is part of life and should therefore be a part of blogging too, in my opinion. There are so much blah blogging out there, and I'd really miss the occasional whif from your dyeing pot!

  17. I really enjoy and appreciate your blog and learn from it. I hope there are tomatoes in the way of people's appreciation and the evident esteem and respect in which you are held by many who comment and the love ofthose who know you better and stay in touch this way. It's eminently clear that there are weeds! I don't find it self indulgent, but I don't expect my opinion matters (or should matter) much either. Which is another way of saying I don't think anyone is entitled to your blog if it doesn't serve or nourish you.

  18. I know how you feel about blogs and blogging, having birthed and closed many in my seasons. I think it wise to consider and take time off; i have just reopened my first blog ever after a 2.5 yr hiatus. It has been a good rethink, and now i'm back on the surfboard with a refreshed attitude. "Life is a wave. Your attitude your surfboard"-Drew Kampion.

    Be well however you surf.

  19. The weeds are strong because the fertiliser is so good but I suspect if you look there are still tomatoes

  20. India, i don't comment here because i am not a real dyer, but i DO look and Wonder
    and Learn. little things i apply on my little acre here. there are many who are
    accomplished dyers and that's one thing. but for those of us who most likely will
    never be able at participate in any workshops, you provide a Teaching experience through this blog that goes beyond your books (which i have). about the "work" and
    about "living the work". both are needed, valued and loved by many of us in the
    Out Worlds. i hope you can consider that in your Think.

  21. India, Eco Colour and your blog rocked my world in a way I couldn't have imagined just a few years ago. Your explanations and observations on dye-plant attributes as well as the 'chemistry circle' just lit me on fire.
    Now I'm an addict (hope you're satisfied....;-)
    Although I'd love to get a chance to do one of your workshops, I know it'll probably be a year or so more 'cuz of family obligations. So in the meantime, I just try to be patient and participate vicariously through the blog.

    So take a break if you need some time to just 'veg.' It's the holidays, anyway.
    We're just happy to sit and wait and drool on the next post...

    XOXOXO Treen