Monday, 15 April 2013

at last

at long last
in this dusty corner of
the driest state
on the driest continent

it is raining. not much
but enough to lift the spirits

housekeeping becomes a challenge for small arachnids

the resident goose is happy again

me too, i'm having raspberry lassie for breakfast

 the whirled is bedecked in moonstones
[my favourite gem]


all Sam wants is a lap
unfortunately for him, Felix is firmly in possession


  1. yay to rain! we are waiting for a bit more wet stuff.... I don't think a day goes by that I don't think about water.... water from the sky, in the tank, in the dams, on the paddocks, used in the shower, on the garden, drunk in a cuppa.... every drop is so precious in a dry land wot...

  2. i had an antique moonstone ring i wore for many years, till one day the stone fell out, and i was sad. may your moonstones find their way deep into your thirsty soil.

  3. We are having rain too...yay! It is so lovely after several months of drought here in New Zealand. Love your pics!

  4. Looks wonderfull, cosy! Enjoy!!