Monday, 18 February 2013

signs and doings

being away for a week
and just sorting out work emails on the batfone
leads to a big pile that needs excision.
the delete button is useful

when you get things like this
yeah. right.

and then there was the one from 'Qantas Telephone Sales'
[i don't buy ANYTHING over the phone]
that wanted me to open a .zip file

i must look like a cabbage to some people

so much so that FaceBook
told me i was logged out
wanted me to log in again
and then
wanted to "check my computer for viruses"
er, no, thank you.

rather than take the risk and click the 'confirm' button
i'm outa there.

you'll find me in the workroom
beavering away on muddy waters
designing costumes for Company Miji

if there is a spare moment


  1. nifty doodles,
    i wish i could see the exhibition.

    1. i shall put some pix up once it's installed. more than half of it you've seen already [on the web, anyway...was in New Orleans]

  2. Yeah, I'm with Velma... and the top doodle would make a great wire thingie.

  3. I've noticed all sorts of extra hinkyness on the interwebs recently.... many friends have complained of email accounts being compromised (one of my accounts was accessed and all my contacts got an excitement of yummy spam from the middle east.... mmmmm noice)

    makes you appreciate the real and tangible - and feel just a tad uneasy about all the info that's accessible online.... the interweb is not all sunshine, flowers, LOL cats and glitter unicorns....

    1. the real unicorn lives in our wild wood. and she doesn't glitter.

  4. They are getting so good at sending emails that are bogus, spam and all with the result of bilking the innocents out of their money or identity.
    We have to be so diligent now with our delete button. Love the doodles by the way.

  5. Congratulations Mr Elloker. I'm glad you mentioned the FaceBook thing because I've been getting a few and wondering why I have to keep logging in. The first image got my attention! It's a pity you can't cut it and use it in a textile piece.

  6. Modern technology is good...but at times...I am overwhelmed with the silliness and treachery out there. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

    1. like the wild west, but virtual. virtuous might be better :o)

  7. around my hood, we get strange men in suits trying to save us from hell and/or people wearing orange-neon vests saying that they want me to change phone service providers. I do not answer the doorbell unless I am expecting a visitor. Internet or door-to-door, I dislike intrusions.

    1. the Mormons haven't visited with us since i answered the door in 1991 wearing a long t-shirt, three small children clinging to my bare legs and me clutching a blackberry stained cloth in one hand and my largest knife in the other [i had been scraping strained fruit out of the cloth for a second boiling to make juice after the jellypress]

      i have never seen men in suits run so fast. it may have been the bare legs that did it.

  8. I often how many get caught by those scams.. people can be so gullible.. or is it greedy?
    Love the top wire pic...

    1. it's actually the 'mend'on a hills hoist in the Flinders Ranges