Tuesday, 26 February 2013

down by the river

i went down to the big river today
to begin installing work for  'muddy waters'

i was worried this piece might be a bit short
it isn't.

soon it will be suspended
from good sturdy snapper hooks
acquired recently in Aotearoa

then i wandered off to collect dried mud to make mud paint
[why dried? ...have you ever tried to sieve wet mud?]

a thrift store strainer made a good start
and a finer mesh was provided by a cheap spatter guard 

mixed the fine sievings with a little powdered gelatine
to give it a good 'squish' factor

letting it rest until tomorrow
the writing will be on the wall
any leftovers can be used for stenciling...

unpacking the big roll with the work from New Orleans
unleashed a tsunami of emotions

New Orleans gets under your skin
in a way no other place does

when i got home
i rummaged on Youtube
and found this.
i was there that night.


  1. I love the blues, the groove, the smile I wear when I hear it. never been to New Orleans. guess I gotta go.
    good like with the mud. the muddy waters.

  2. I have a feeling this will be an amazing exhibit. Wish I could see it in person. Thank you for sharing Ingrid's performance.

  3. Stunning ... hope to see the mud results

  4. How amazing it would be to see this exhibit in person! Really is a shame that Connecticut and Australia are so far apart. Your piece that isn't a bit too short after all just simply sings.

    Thanks for sharing Ingrid's lovely performance. What a night that must have been.

    Have an exquisite exhibit!

  5. Great soundtrack for my morning coffee and fire- sit. And a bit of visual inspiration, too, is always a delight.

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  7. This post is very inspiring and beautiful!

    I have been thinking of the mud near some hot-mudpits in my country.
    One has a red/ brouwn colour. Must make an experiment with it. :)

    1. i'm very keen to experiment with the hot springs and the mud in Iceland!

  8. 2007: first time to New Orleans. So much strength, shock of Katrina yet New Orleans held in the way of spirit, in the way of resilience, in the way of dignity: Color, mystery, joy felt from residents that you had come to witness, music renewing and jump starting long held feelings of going on in the face of it all. If I am not able to go back, it's ok because once you've been, New Orleans stays deep inside you and you are all the richer...India, your work from your stay there, testimony to it all and I look forward to seeing the big roll, unrolled.

  9. Thanks India..what a great way to start my day!!! I'm in the groove now.

  10. I agree.....what a way to start the day....inspiring work, inspiring music......and what a great dress! Carry on Doll......!

  11. love the loooooooooooooooong cloth (and when I read 'writing' my mind started doing all sorts of calligraphic things...) -- I hope you share oodles of installation pics - I think its going to be a real beauty

  12. I have been lurking around your site for a while now and am fasciated by your 'dyed' cloth ... it is something that I would really like to know how to do ... hopefully when the snow leaves and spring arrives.
    Lovely stuff you do !!

  13. oh how exciting your exhibition looks already.... woohooo....

  14. I hope I can find a way to get to Murray bridge! Your exhibit looks so exciting!

    1. i hope you can too. the Gallery is a lovely space, not far from the river
      near lovely rusty train tracks

  15. As a native of New Orleans, I am so happy you let New Orleans, "get under your skin". Not everyone can do that.

    1. though i was born on the Big Red Island, New Orleans is home from home...


  16. the poor old Murray. So many happy memories of camping by it's banks. Cooking self saucing pudding in the dutch oven with my dad...

  17. it looks a bit short to me ;-)) not seriously short though .... LL

  18. Have a great opening, will try to see it when I get home.

  19. wish l could be there India...it looks to me as if it will be an amazing exhibition. Good luck with it all. the video is amazing, made me smile and wow..you were ther.x lynda

  20. sublime time you had and it continues...the video made me happy.