Monday, 28 January 2013


+   +   +

when my friend Rachelle decided to leave the land of clouds
for the West Island [usually somewhat dustier pastures]
she kindly left a treasure parcel behind
for me to collect the next time i drifted into the city of winds and waters

i arrived in Welly to find that our mutual friend Caroline
[who had been the guardian of the treasure in the months since Rachelle departed]
had kindly delivered it to my helltell.

there were many treasures
including things found, stitched and dyed
gathered by Rachelle over years
[her gathering skills are legendary]

+   +   +

had it been a weekday i would have been tempted to ship my Koha south to await my next visit to the Lud Valley
it wasn't, so i unpacked and repacked.
fortunately i had been travelling relatively lightly 
[bar feeding the book addiction with acquisitions]

in the end i was left with the empty red suitcase
[i did try fitting it inside my bigger one]
and the question of what to do with it.
giving it to the Sallies was a possibility
but i was sure there was a more amusing solution


i decided to step out into the whirled 
and see where the colour red might lead
maybe the red suitcase could follow red markers and
find a new home

drifting along my trail
i found myself on Cuba Street
then wandered a little sideways
through a park with red gates

and saw Global Fabrics in the distance
upon which it occurred to me that quite often [on a Sunday]
there are students and other young folk working in the store
who might be able to use a suitcase

was very happy to give the suitcase a home
+   +   +
after which i followed some more red marks
and went home myself


  1. oh gads - I think this is the best colourful tale I've ever red. yummy.

  2. Ha, times are changing - red vinyl instead of yellow brick road. Loved the journey!

  3. You are a generous soul my dear. I love the story of the traveling suitcase. Peace be with you, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

    1. Rachelle was the generous one...i simply became a happy conduit!

  4. no red in the landscape of frost and evergreen. but i remember red, it comes around later in the year. maybe you send it?

    1. here's another story with a touch of red that might amuse you...perhaps you can create an NY sequel...

  5. What a delightful trail .... alice in red

  6. I enjoy a story.... and the story of the red suitcase was fun.

  7. love your red tale
    and what treasures inside!

  8. No red in it but there's a wonderful article in the new issue of Dutch magazine Happinezz. Its called:
    The whirling fantasy of India Flint........
    Seven pages of story and beautiful pictures!
    I'm happy to send it to you.

    1. i'm hoping they'll send a copy [as i helped them with the pix]
      thank you for letting me know it's out there!

  9. What a wonderful story! Following red...seems it led you on an interesting journey. Thank you for sharing it!

    By the way, we're beginning the search for Roy G Biv again next month...starting over with the color red. Would you care to play along or, at least, would you mind if I link to this post?

    1. seems almost serendipitous, Jennifer...i'd be delighted to be included, thank you!

      you may want to include the 'gnome' link [see above] as well. it's rather sweet and the gnome always wears a red hat

  10. Replies
    1. huzzah indeed. which is what i said when i read your nice post about Sandra Brownlee - to which i have created a link from the found-stitched-dyed blog.

      the interweb living up to its name...

  11. Serendipity is a natural start to many an adventure

  12. My very favourite image is of that red cross stitched on the white material all unfolding from the suitcase.
    Red crosses are so powerful....there's something about that I must go further with. Thank you v much, India.

  13. What a delightful journey through the colour red!

  14. I too am drawn to the red cross. I recently went to the War Memorial in Canberra and I was so interested in the old red cross makeshift flags and the stories of courage that are associated with them. Love your red journey and it's ending.