Monday, 15 October 2012

shifting shapes...and other things

i suspect most of the students of the Shapeshifter class
did not sleep much last night
all arrived with garments ready to bundle

one in particular is on a mission
meet Chelsey Green
who went to San Francisco on a brief vacation
a few weeks ago
decided it was where she needed to be
and was taking a couple of classes from me
to live there

i think you'll agree she will be appropriately dressed

i had a similar dream at 17
but it fizzled
wishing you stardust and sunshine, Chelsey
and a happy life in my favourite city!


  1. I like your generous spirit India Flint!

  2. Chelsey is shapeshifting in more ways than one...may she fly well with those beautiful, new botanical wings!

    And India, I dare say you left your heart?

  3. i have yet to meet some soul that has not been touched in a positive way by you India. you are a light in the darkness, changing us all one leaf at a time x

  4. a dress suitable for soaring in --- up up and away!

  5. She certainly looks great in that dress.............

  6. Definitely a dress for following dreams in...and finding a few new ones as well.

  7. I especially like the last photo, she looks like the stardust she takes as the alternate name for herself.

  8. What wonderful inspiration to follow our dreams

  9. What a wonderful class! Chelsey looks like a woodland fairy. I just love how you tap into each person's creativity and draw it out ever so gently.

  10. lovely india, to be the boost for chelsey. good things and good luck to you, chelsey.

  11. I'm half way there... With flowers in my hair ;)

    I love you all. It is your wisdom that gives me the courage to follow my dreams and my heart. Thank you.

  12. This is so lovely...the process is magic and the results are wonderful! Peace, Mary Helen


  13. I suddenly have Fleetwood Mac running through my head...

  14. It would seem that you have served as a wonderful mentor to Chelsey. What can't one do with a dress like that? I only wish that I had had a mentor like you and a dress like that at her age!
    best, nadia