Thursday, 5 April 2012

of storytelling, magic and golden silence

firstly this treasure from TED
too delightful not to share

magic of a different kind
as we bloom from white

to something else entirely

dress sewn from 1.5 metres of silk broadcloth
[only unused piece of fabric being the neckhole
which should have become a pocket
but i needed a dress in a much for slowness]

coloured with leaves gathered from a street gutter

lastly a pearl of wisdom from a chocolate wrapper

the English text is perhaps a little harsh
in this instance i find the French version more appealing

and the chocolate [Italian]
was delicious thank you

have a lovely weekend, wherever you are


  1. That dress is stunning, love the way you placed the leaves.

    1. happy chance, really..and of course the magic of eucalyptus, it prints from both sides...

  2. India - you are magic!

    xox - eb.

  3. oh, the dress is pure loveliness. would love to see it modeled! :)

  4. Wonderful mirror images... and for some reason I'm starting to see cave paintings of the tree of life and elks and such.

  5. I had to laugh when you wrote you needed the dress in a hurry and yet you sewed and dyed it yourself. I do understand that that's what you do, but still can't seem to figure "hurry" into the equation.

    Airy Nothing

  6. I'm new to your blog. I have both of your books! Love them. While I don't always work in cloth I am a wanderer. Have done a little dyeing with plants and veggies I grow. I consider myself an experimenter, playing with objects I find or those who love me, bring to me. I hope I can see you when you come to Cleveland Ohio!!

    1. well thank you very much, that's very kind. experimenting and play are the best ways of discovering magic

  7. Love it India.....looking forward to seeing you in UK later in yearxlynda

  8. Love the dress, you really are quite a genius at this natural dying and making stuff.....Off to look on local library catalogue for natural dying techniques......

  9. Leaves from a gutter left those wonderful impressions on your cloth cum dress? amazing..

  10. Magician, maker of potions and brews, surprising but not because you are a wizard of cloth. I adore that dress. Do not bring it to Aotearoa. It will never leave! Whew. I love Ted Talks. So many amazing people all weaving their stories and knowledge. x

  11. look at that ! . . right on the ball you are - with all the ''mirror'' images from McQueen and mary katrantzou . . genius X