Monday, 23 April 2012

making tracks

these are my besties.
wool socks knitted by Jo of Aotearoa's South Island
and nine-lives boots acquired circa 2005
that have been around the whirled a few times
and up and down a few hills
wandered along lakesides
and through quiet woods

today i picked them up from the boot hospital
aka Roberto The Cobbler who has been mending my footwear
for some thirty years, bless him

this time he sewed on a few more leather patches
gave them tough thick rubber souls
and new heels [time wounds all heels]
ready for the stairways of San Francisco
later this year

but for now
my boots and me are off for a while
out into the whirled up north
where the dust is red
the mopoke calls
and the stars hang low at night


  1. glad to see the sox are hanging in there xxoo

  2. Have fun on your next adventure.

  3. Boots make great best friends- I have a pair of old army boots I bought way back in 1993. They were 30+ years old (and $35) when I got them, and they're still going strong after many years of being practically the only shoes I wear!

  4. Enjoy! It sounds like a wonderful place to be.

  5. when I hear the mopoke here I will think of you in your boots out west..... have fun in the dirt (that last bit was for your boots.... you can pass on the message)

  6. Have a lovely time, I think Dorothy C said she was going with you when I had her class at Ballarat. Such a wonderful class, say hi to her from me if you wish.

  7. glad you have a trusty cobbler, they are harder and harder to find. I have one, as well as a precious pair of boots that will be due for new souls shortly.

  8. I second Grrl's comment...I'm actually on the prowl for a good new one.
    I LOVE those 'souls,' India! What a great idea! If I could get some like those put on, I could quit snitching my daughter's wellies. :-)
    Well, that and a decent size can of Lexol, dammit. Another casualty of 'burbization is that all of the tack n feed stores are suddenly a roadtrip.
    Seriously, those soles remind me of some 'sandals' my brother brought back from 'Nam...they were made from old tires and inner-tubes. They made your feet sweat something awful but would make great outer soles for barn boots. Mine aren't pretty like yours...really old and plain but durable.
    Thanks for the post: if you don't mind, I'm going to be a copycat (after I find a new cobbler.)

  9. lovely to have hand knitted socks--do you have a sock darner? darning my socks is a full time job!

  10. 'tis lovely to imagine
    all the places they've been.

  11. Hi India, think I may now be a follower at last :)

  12. Safe heart is with you there......blessings to you all......hugs to D

    1. shall pass the hugs on in Brisbane tomozz!