Friday, 3 February 2012

other nourishment

breakfast, as Maggie Smith's character famously said in the delicious film "Keeping Mum"
is the most important meal of the day.

and in the interest of improving my health and well-being, i've been making changes to mine. it's so good [both tastewise and in terms of how it makes me feel] that i thought i would share.

although as you see from the bowl above, i've already eaten it.

sometimes i have banana smoothies. most folks know how to put those together so i'll spare you the details

but my breakfast salad is something else entirely
and can be different every day

decide on the bowl. it's size will determine how much of this stuff you consume.

splodge a few spoonsful of unsweetened yoghurt into the bowl [here in South Australia we are blessed with Farmer's Union Greek Yoghurt. those with a cow or a sheep or a goat can make their own]

some nuts [this morning i had cashews, linseeds and sunflower kernels], a selection of chopped fresh vegetables and fruits [the bowl looks pink because today i grated beetroot, chopped tomatoes and fresh spinach and hacked up a tiny zucchini]

with whatever you like. i use Pacific sea salt, Tony Chachere's seasoning and a good splash of Crystal Sauce

and savour each delicious morsel


  1. yummy. I'm roasting whole beets in my oven this evening.

  2. and then you make a piece of art out of it............

  3. indeed, yum. i miss my goats. anyway, i think it sounds like a great anymeal!

  4. I love this wonderful start to the day...nature's best. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. Not sure about this for breakfast but it sounds wonderful.
    I missed this movie completely. Looks like a good one.
    Thanks for the recipe... it beats cereal all to heck.

  6. So nice to see someone else who doesn't eat sweet for breakfast! Savoury is where it's at, and I quite agree on the joys of Farmer's Union and Keeping Mum!

  7. aha!

    Trying to limit the carbs is easy during the day, but I get sick of eggs. This is a good idea. Good ol farmer's Union!

  8. oh i love yoghurt, bur only after dinner, in the mornig i always have a cheese sandwich and coffee:)

  9. eat breakfast like a king
    dinner as a beggar

  10. Can't believe I've never heard of that movie! I think we might enjoy it, thanks India. Yogurt on the other hand is not for me.

  11. we're in the same bowl, so to speak.
    good for you. and me.

  12. yes - this is nourishing - all of it
    yes - what yvette said...

    thanks so much,
    xox - eb.

  13. I have yoghurt for breakfast but in a sweet way. A mix of almond meal, linseed meal, sunflower and pepita seeds, a tspn of muscovado sugar, a tspn lemon butter, a peach and a good dollop of natural yoghurt. YUM. x te

  14. Keeping Mum looks good as does breakfast.

  15. are you mad ? . . hope you are well me love. . XX

  16. not mad
    slightly deranged.
    quite entertaining, really.