Saturday, 1 October 2011

planning ahead

today i was taken on a tour of NOCCA
[the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts]
a wonderful school overlooking the Mississippi

i've had the great good fortune
to be invited there as resident artist for the month of November next year
so it was lovely to have a look around
begin to get a feel for the place and the people
leave a bundle behind
something to open up when i come back in thirteen months time

a bit of cloth
leaf sweepings from the back garden
of the place i'm staying
some slightly soft Concord grapes that came in my bag from San Francisco [my favourites]
and a piece of steel
that jumped in to my pocket
down by the railway track

and what has this image of a vegetable garden being cultivated in a bit of spare land to do with NOCCA?
think about the planting of seeds
and the potential for blooms and harvests...


  1. any honky tonks near there ?

  2. Love it India! I have been noticing a lot of planting of seeds, and the harvest beginning to come as a result this year; fun to read the associating in your experience here :)

  3. and i wonder about that bundle, a slightly bigger seed.

  4. "a piece of steel
    that jumped in to my pocket
    down by the railway track". Love this!!!!
    I adore you and your journey and am saving my pennies for when you return to NH next Aug. Thank you for opening my eyes to the magic!

  5. Vacant lots are often full of productive 'invasives' that there's no harm in using in abundance in the dyepot. This is a great photo.

  6. You DO get around.... ! Oh, and August in NH, you'll be so very close again!

  7. That's a great idea. You can't be tempted to open before the use by date.

  8. Zoom, Zoooom.......are you back here already? My head is's yours? ox