Sunday 18 September 2011

weather or not

two months is a long time to be out in the sun, given that 2 weeks in Australian sunshine is reputedly equivalent to about 25 years under museum conditions
as i'm away from home again [soon] for a while
and therefore shall not be able to sneekpeek inside the metal box
it seemed a good time to [once again] put some cloth to the test
the two pieces on the left are commercially produced cottons, the third from left is eucalyptus-dyed milkymerino, the four on the right snippets of silk dyed using the more delicate 'northern' plants

they are half in, half out of the box

assuming no birds try to steal them
or helpful family members decide to move them under cover

i shall open the box when i return home in November
and publish the results on these pages


  1. Look forward to seeing the results! Where're you headed next?

  2. Didn't you just return home? Safe travels on your next journey.

  3. always warming to have something
    awaiting the return

  4. gotta love that australian sun, preferably from a shady, wisteria clad veranda with cool beverage in hand. unless of course you simply must be in the garden doing a personal sun fade test!

  5. wow. what sun. wow. even in midsummer here it's nothing like that. i'm with roz, though, out of the sun and in the drink, so to speak.

  6. will certainly be interesting to see the results India. Good luck on your journies and safe return. BUT miost importantly have FUN!x lynda

  7. i dont think i can wait til nov to see the results, but if i must, then i must!

  8. I hope the birds, family, and other "helpers" can keep their paws off this so we can see results too! Take care.

  9. Feliz de haberte encontrado, felicitaciones por tu trabajo!!!!!♥♥
    te sigo!!!