Sunday, 11 September 2011

september 11

so far the quote of the week, for me, is this...
" i can't remember the last time i walked on grass with bare feet"

today is the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks
that have been seared in to all of us forever

we remember where we were
just as we do, those of us old enough, with the assassination of President Kennedy
while stitching this week
people have been
sharing their stories of september 11, 2001

they all begin with

"it was such a beautiful day"

this morning we will go and stand in our grassy field
and take a quiet moment
to remember not only the horror of september 11
but also other atrocities perpetrated by human kind

needless wars
grandmothers schlepping sewing machines across Europe
grandfathers being railed to Siberia in cattle trucks
recall that somewhere
is even now contemplating strapping some explosive device to themselves
worse still
to someone else

read a poem
say a prayer

remind ourselves that life is precious
and can be beautiful
and that every day we wake up breathing
is a gift
and should be cherished


  1. you have said it so beautifully
    I could have never said it better
    each day is a gift that we must enjoy at its fullest
    we're alive for too short a period for hurting & hating each other

  2. Beautiful words and thoughts, India, thank you.

  3. Well said, India. Although it is generally cool here on the Northern Coast of California, I do make a point to spend a little time every day out in the tall grass, listening to birds, watching the fox or turkeys. They do help heal us, and me specifically, from the burden of these manmade horrors.

  4. Today I decided that I would put my hands in the dirt to remember that we are all part of this world and will always be. Harvesting things from the garden and tidying up for autumn. A flock of cranes flew overhead calling and calling, a sound old as the day itself. Thank you for your thoughts which so resonate with my own.

  5. I find your beautiful word so comforting. For my parents, it was Pearl Harbor, which changed them from teens to frightened adults in an instant. Live the best life you can every minute, and never defer telling someone you love so.

  6. thank you my friend.
    we never forget and value
    your true compassion on a most difficult day and memory.

  7. and the anonymous is me.
    wow...word verification is....

  8. beautiful words and thoughts India.x My son was meant to be in the Twin Towers resturant at the top of the towers with friends. Luckily he over slept! I will never moan about him being late againxxlynda

  9. What a gift to have stumbled into your words to find myself uplifted.

    I journeyed here from Valerie Kamikubo's Sew On and On -- I'm so grateful she lead the way.