Friday 23 September 2011

delighted to announce...

'riverstitch' workshop at The Brewery, Goolwa, South Australia

this will be the only South Australian workshop for me next year
and i'm especially pleased because
my daughter Violette [whose hand-stitched cutwork lace appears in Second Skin and Handeye magazine
and who was commissioned by a Shakerag participant last year
to transform a garment using this technique]
will be co-teaching with me for the first time

we're also planning a class dinner at a local restaurant
and there'll be a talk [open to the general public] at the Goolwa Library

we may even manage a field trip to the Currency Creek Arboretum

here's the wrap

Work with bio-regional dye sources and gentle stitching during a week-long explorative journey in a private garden in one of South Australia’s historic river towns. Take windfall-leaf collecting walks to create beautiful dye samplers, gradually piecing them together to construct a unique and exquisite garment. India will guide participants in dye and construction techniques while guest tutor Violette will share her cutwork lace and embroidery skills [pictured in ‘Second Skin’].
Together we will spend five lovely summer days creating by reinventing and restructuring rejects from the wardrobe, adding scraps of new silk and wool together with hand-stitching, beads, buttons and of course plant dyes. We will create dye bundles and stitch samplers, explore ways of adding pattern to cloth and enjoy the delights of the sewing circle.


  1. India this sounds wonderful and because i met Violette in Switserland i can see the two of you working together.
    Such a pity Australia is so far......

  2. How divine India... exciting to hear that Viollete is joining you... the location sounds just wonderful too,

  3. agreeing with Sophie on this one except that it sounds *beyond* divine...
    to learn cutwork lace in addition to the other marvies? oh, heart be still!

  4. how wonderful. violette gets to teach, too. you two are mighty, indeed.

  5. Sounds a bit like heaven on a stick!
    Hmm thinking.

  6. If only *sigh* What a team :) One day, yes one day I will make it to Australia.

  7. This sounds marvelous! Too bad Canada is so far away! I shall live and creatively explore the process vicariously through your blog.

  8. this looks like an amazing workshop!!

  9. Hi India
    This sounds great I just emailed Jenni for the details I am hoping to join you.