Tuesday, 23 August 2011

dog bless us all

under the benevolent gaze of our furred supervisors
we coax the soft colours of the early Fall
into our cloth

since the summer solstice, the trees of the woods
have been doing their housekeeping
sorting the trash as it were
preparing for the glorious leaf-shed that 
is yet to come

for us it means golds and browns in our bundles
less green
[that's more a colour of May and June - bearing in mind we're talking northspeak here]

by four in the afternoon
folks are feeling the call of the teapot
[or for some, a splash of something stronger]

i wander down the meandering gravel road
bordered by stone fences
blessed by the occasional falling maple leaf
and stand for a while in the gentle rain
[unstrained, like the quality of mercy]
gazing at a still pool
in which small brown fish are nibbling their way along the bottom

i remember, years ago
 lying flat on a warm rock
reaching my arm into a cold cold stream
to tickle the belly of a trout

and turn back
it has been a very good day

here's Velma's version 


  1. Please help me for Christ sake

  2. My DogFaced Girl has led me down paths to discover new plants, new colours, and solitude in the city.

  3. Your blog makes me want to eat sweets!.. I love the dog rug :-) All the best things!

  4. good days, good days, may you be always blessed with lots and lots of good days
    thanks for the posting and pics, next best thing to actually being there

  5. Hi India,
    Typically bundles in your photos are very dark. Is this because you mordant them in iron before or after steaming?
    Thanks much ~ glad you're having a wonderful time in the northeast!

  6. Aah... we all need very good days occasionally. Dogs really do help.

  7. Lovely day. Autumn is the best of times.

  8. lovely to see the memories surface in your eyes

  9. I want to feel

    a trout's belly and wonder if he has a belly button..

  10. velma's version is more doglike

  11. one of those furry friends is an aussie shepherd is it not???

  12. they are both very sweet Shelties...

  13. there's two more locations for me and your frocks! ;-))

    '' by four in the afternoon
    folks are feeling the call of the teapot
    [or for some, a splash of something stronger]'' - i love that ! for me , the wine is calling . . . kiss. h

  14. dog bless you too! and here's to a cuppa tea at four.