Saturday, 9 July 2011

a town like Alice

i've never been to Alice Springs before
all i had in my head was an image gleaned 
from Neville Shute's 1950s novel
i spent yesterday having a wander around

i pottered around in the Todd River
hoping to find useful bits
mostly i found glass
but of course 
an abundance of leaves
being Australia, it's easy to find eucalyptus

and i went to the museum
where is discovered the taxidermist
has a sense of humour
[if you're in a class of mine sometime, you may hear the taxidermist joke
too long to type now though]

and here's an amusing page from a book on display 

time to grab my bundle
and go

my now elliptical pot 
[thank you American Airlines baggage handlers]
still doing sterling service
although here it tends to bubble quite fiercely
as we have 240 volts in the system
in America [with only 110] there's 
less chance of setting off the fire alarm...


  1. todd street
    sunday market
    fallen wattle

  2. I waled the todd early in the morning, and came upon many sleeping bundles..

    The things scattered there are more than a vivid story of what is happening in Alice than any web site...

  3. It sounds like you've had a fantastic journey, India. I hope it can flood you with inspiration. Brilliant to go to Alice Springs - I've never been there myself, but it must certainly be a very real ( or unreal? ) kind of Austarlia.

  4. ... Read it when I was about 16 and I still have 'his' image in my head... in that unreal book world of 60 years ago.... Sugar! It's nearly 40 years since I read it... Where did those years disappear to?

    The real Alice is not how I pictured it....

  5. Funny how sometimes we dissapoint oursleves with what weve imagined lol thanks for peep though but..........
    OMG that cat!!!

  6. I watched the show on TV once with Brian Brown (I think?) and it was incredible. Alice Springs looked like such a desolate place in the movie. I have it on tape and occasionally go back and watch it. I think it was called "A Town Called Alice." Glad you're able to use the pot "even though"!

  7. it was a gift to have a spare day for walking about before class
    most unusual
    and it happened because i couldn't get a seat on a Friday plane
    which meant i had to come on Thursday morning.

    the universe moves in mysterious ways.

  8. Glad you had time to wander..l too saw the film and read the book. Prefered the book.Was it as you imagined India?
    Sorry about your pot..hope it is ok, because it is such a useful pot for your travels.x have a good trip home. lynda

  9. haha, that cat! soooooooooo funny. Must show my lads. They'll love it. They love toilet humour full stop. Ha!

  10. Alice Springs- in meiner Jugend mein Traumziel..ich setzte es gleich mit dem Ende der Welt- da wollte ich hin!
    Danke fürs mitnehmen!
    Liebe Grüße

  11. humour from taxidermist and the bakery eh ? . . great fun !