Wednesday, 6 July 2011

the manicurist's nightmare

Joy McCallister, participant of the St Louis workshop, kindly sent me some images from our week together
thought i might share
even though [like those of Lady Macbeth]
they'll ne'er be clean


  1. my own retired ex-florist's fingers were perfect to go into ecoprinting and dyeing, thanks to you :) they may not be classically beautiful, but i sure do like the colours :)

  2. Making beauty is far more satisfying then looking beautiful..............

  3. Art trumps perfect hands anyway!

  4. Like working with leather dyes on gourds, felting or gardening... our hands will never look beautiful and perfect but they will have character
    They will reflect our efforts to create.

  5. i remember telling school folks my (blue) hands were dyed with indigo. they just stared.

  6. i agree with martine - making beauty is much more satisfying than perfect nails :) love the pics!

  7. nails shmails.... Much better to enjoy life.

    It's really not worth the effort, plus filing nails makes my skin crawl.

  8. I have given up trying to have nice nails...much happier with the ones l have because it means l am happy eco-dyeing! Hax

  9. ur hands somewhat inspired my hands, me thinks. its interesting how others react.

    i showed one woman because we were talking about tribal prints and she pushed it away and said "why would you maim yourself like that"!!! there must be a parallel universe that I don't know about and every now and then I cross over into it because it can be the only explanation for such an aggresive reaction.

    it put me off her fast let me tell you!