Thursday, 21 July 2011

the driest state on the driest continent

it feels like an exceptionally cold winter here, in the driest state on the driest continent
if i travelled north a bit
to where this image was shot last year
it would be a lot warmer
and not just in terms of the colours...

thanks everyone for your kind thoughts in response to the previous post

also grateful for various kind mentions here and there
Cass Nevada
and a friendly book review from earlier in the year
a lovely image of workshop samples here

off topic, but for the dog-loving readers

for people who like to thoroughly investigate one plant
twelve colours from osage orange by Tali Weinberg

and now
having played with the time vampire for far too long
i'm off out to the studio
to make something warm and felted to wear
when i go  here

[yes, i DO have a big woolly coat, but it's very very heavy
so i don't fancy schlepping it all across America
via San Francisco and New Orleans
on my way to the eastern bit of Canada]


  1. It takes me a minute to 'register' - once again - that your seasons are the opposite of mine- you are in the middle of winter-- just in a dry middle of the winter... here we are cool and rainy this summer- and because Nova Scotia is further north- I imagine it is even cooler.. keep warm!

  2. that land... incredible...and that infamous quote from your father India reminds me you grew up with words as wonderful ideas...

    Like the review... referring people to it and to you at homage...
    thanks for thoughts late last night... back soon on that!

  3. I just bought second skin...

    oh my!

    the photo styling is breath taking..
    It lies on my studio table and tempts me away from work.

  4. that ridge looks like one of your cloths, how'd you do that? :)

  5. Eagerly awaiting your arrival in Eastern Canada!