Sunday, 26 June 2011

a day off

first day off since June 13th
[ie not travelling or teaching]
pootled around the Tower Grove Farmer's Market
bought blueberries for tomorrow's traintrip

there were lots of dogs
catching up on the week's news

some of them looked like bears

there are other bears in St Louis

later i went in search of the oldest skyscraper in the whirled
the Wainwright building
designed by Louis Sullivan
i nearly wrote "the first skyscraper"
but i understand the Tower of Babylon has that reputation
unfortunately it's no longer with us.

some of the detailing reminds me of Hiapo

St Louis has quite a collection of architectural artefacts
including of course The Arch
designed by Eero Saarinen

but i didn't expect to find a monument to Schiller

in the park children splashed in the fountain

and then there are other unexpected delights

i swing by Riverbend to try the other gumbo
even better than the first
retreating to my helltell just in time
to watch a splendid lightning show 
from my comfy nest on the sofa 

tomorrow i'll be taking the train


  1. What a wonderful day off you had. Enjoy the blueberries!

  2. Lovely to see and hear about your day off!

  3. Have a great visit with your friend and a safe trip back to your family, farm and the cats!

  4. I just cant stop humming the song...

    you know..
    Judy Garland..

  5. leaving at the crack of dawn is so st. louis appropriate-but perhaps it should be in a conestoga wagon with a string of others bound for "the west"

  6. it seems that a lot of your down time was spent looking up..... with nice things found.....
    (crack of dawn is ALWAYS the best time to get up... I'm looking outside to the dawn as I type - the sun is just peeking over the hills with a sky full of pink and orange and lemony yellow long thin clouds...)

    have a fun new trip

  7. you said ... Hiapo! lol. I saw dogs and dogs and dogs and then Hiapo. Mmmm, blueberries. We're making muffins today, it's Monday so I think some blueberry one's from the stash in the freezer is on the menu now. Exciting adventures always to be found with you as I set about my domestic childcaring day. Love you long time Indi. Enjoy. x

  8. Love that sign! I have never seen anything like that before. Only in a big city I guess.

  9. Glad you had a great fun day off. I love wandering through cities and just discovering new things. Interesting dog images. Great view for your lightening show. Have a great journey and enjoy the blueberries. lyndax

  10. Just wets the I long to be in St Louis
    Oh well I will just make do with Lamb marking and a lunch of pea & ham soup in the paddock by a fire....Fire...ahhh best make a bundle or 2
    have a great ride India looking forward to the next installment. Shazzy