Wednesday, 4 May 2011

the green and pleasant land

rumour has it a famous pair of feet wandered England's hills of green
in ancient times

my feet feel quite ancient
after a lot of wandering
and not just over hills of green
[dotted with fat and jolly rabbits]
and adrift with bluebells

it's quite a distance from Bloomsbury to the V&A
but worth it for the Yohji Yamamoto retrospective
he is to fashion
what Frank Gehry is to architecture
exquisite assymetry
curious juxtapositions of materials
but don't just take my word for it...
go see for yourselves

unfortunately the internet connection in our bedsit
is woeful
and not letting me post pix
or create links
guess you'll have to do some googling
if you want to find out more about the Victoria and Albert
i seem to have finished my drink
must dash


  1. It sounds like you're having a wonderful time - glad to hear it!

  2. Hello and welcome to the UK India, hope you're enjoying it. If your internet continues poor, you can always pop into a public library with proof of ID. They should let you use their computers for free, or at least for a small fee,
    happy wandering

  3. Hey welcome India!...its not just green but multi coloured...the blossom and flowers are amazing this spring. Are you staying long? would be most welcome here in the forest x

  4. Hi India I hope you enjoy your stay in the UK and I love the V& A and envy you visiting.
    I was really sad we did not manage to meet up at ISEND 2011 as I would have liked to say hello but never spotted you in the throng . Still if you ever do get into North Wales let me know and you will have a warm welcome and could play with the plants in the dye garden!

  5. I have been to the Victoria and Albert in London-- one of my favorite museums.. sounds like you are having a wonderful trip.

  6. Hope you enjoy your time over here. I always get a sense that I could get so lost in the V and A I might just get to wander the place and never be found!

  7. suspect there may be a few lost souls hidden in that place...

  8. Enjoy Uk, hope we British are kind to you and if you can travel to Nortumbria do visit Alnwick Castle and its gardens.
    Theres a fabulous second hand book shop there too called Browns, built in the old railway station and its HUGE......and so interesting to be in, in own right, with a mini train chuffing about over head as I recall and that delightful smell of old book shops and antiquity ( no, not mouldy!)lol