Tuesday, 19 April 2011

back to Yankalilla and the Colours of Home

it's a tight week [off to France at dawn on Thursday]
but i was keen to see the flags we dyed at Yankalilla a few weeks ago
fluttering in the wind
and the big cloth that was pieced [with lots of handstitching]
from silk dyed with bunches of greenery from people's gardens

so i pootled down to the south coast
sadly no time for puddling in waves

the two separate pieces either side were extra bits
that i made to give the patchwork some friends

i hope they find a permanent home for the big cloth...


  1. can see why you had to go back - how could one miss out on seeing the pieces up and looking so glorious together - another inspiring community effort achieved by many willing hands and hearts

  2. The flags look beautiful, must have been another thing though standing amongst them while they fluttered in the wind... have fun in France :)

  3. how glorious indeed - a handmade forest of flags. The big piece is gynormous and so varied - love that you added to the splendour. Have a great time in France, refresh, replenish and revel in it all. And my code word to tell you all this is "yervist" - it sounds so good I wish you happy yervist x

  4. what a fortnight India....amazing flags they look so nice.
    love the big patchwork...those 13 women at Orange now have your curse....I no longer look at foliage as a gardener or a florist... I just wonder what colour they would leave behind...I dream of boiling pots and I LOvE silk and wool....it's really not a bad curse...Happy travels