Monday, 28 February 2011

leafy sea dragon festival

'Colours of Home' is a community-based arts project* for the 2011 Leafy Sea Dragon Festival at Yankalilla in South Australia. 

on March 26 + 27  i will be giving two one-day silk dyeing workshops demonstrating the ecoprint bundling technique. we'll be working together on large pieces of silk producing a series of big silk flags for installation during the festival.

[kind volunteers have been hemming flags in preparation for this feast of dyeing]

throughout the following five days participants will be able to bring to the studio natural materials [leaves, bark, seaweed, flowers and so forth] collected from their own immediate environment [ie garden...although this could as easily be your favourite park or beach]. 

each person will be given two pieces of silk to dye [and will come in on the weekday of their choice, to be negotiated by them with me during their first workshop]. i'll try and accommodate those who are in daytime employment by scheduling a couple of evening sessions as well. 

one piece of silk will be yours to keep, the other [you choose which one] will become part of a pieced stitched textile that we'll be putting together through the beautiful connecting process of the sewing circle over the final two days of the project on the weekend of April 1 + 2.

the flags we dye will be positioned through the community during the Leafy Sea Dragon Festival that runs from April 15-24 

The workshops run from 26 March to 3 April 2011. At the time this post was uploaded there were still a few places left...if you are interested in participating phone Karen on 08 8558 2728

* funded by Festivals Australia

and if you want to know what a leafy seadragon looks like, click here


  1. This is such a brilliant concept for a community festival... love the whole idea of it. Makes me think of running away to south aus for a few days... alas am stuck here for the present ... enjoy India!

  2. i agree with sophie, and how beautiful the leafy sea dragon actually is. better that i could have imagined.

  3. This sounds brilliantly fantastic!

  4. will be 10 rather intense and full days
    but a lot of fun i think
    and the flags will [i hope] look pretty spectacular...

  5. you certainly do a lot of traveling- this festival sounds wonderful.

  6. Gosh! I love the leafy sea dragons. I imagine them as wondrous to behold in all their finery! They are so gorgeous! Thanks!

  7. jullian roberts, subtraction cutting. obviously i have been MIA. I discovered him last year. He's a genius. And ur going to be working with him and he you! Wowsers. That's an event of a lifetime. Cannot wait to read about this one. I read about him and checked him out on youtube and stuff. id love his wee book. its very clever and creative and still room to be organic. sigh. a little envy for all those who can make it.