Tuesday, 15 February 2011

ka kite ano, Aotearoa [again]

i boarded a magic silver sardine in Westland
it took me to a cloudblanketed land
except being summer
the cloud was only there at the crack of dawn
the purpose of the journey was to make feltquilts
at Dairy Flat

bits of them looked a little like this

some of the leaves that found their way
into my pockets

we dyed some threads and yarns

and i took time to wander to a
favourite beach
where the lilies i struggle to keep alive in my garden
bloom on the sandhills
and waft their scent across the Pacific

and yes
i have a new app on the batfone
it stitches [yes, that's what it says]
images together [panorama for those who want to know]

in between playing with the scenery i
dug holes in the sand
and buried cloth in the hot water that bubbled up from the deep
more about that later

and i have a new friend
we are wearing matching outfits


  1. alchemy indeed. stitched photos are very cool. on a phone. (i don't 'get' it, but i like it!) i've made a couple india cloths this week. must be in the air (along with the snow)

  2. love you and the camouflage cat xGin

  3. beautiful images, India. good to imagine being somewhere hot and dry this cold evening.

  4. Kia Ora! I don't need to tell you how warm it is in my part of the globe then! I mean, hot not warm!
    Hope you enjoy your stay and go home super inspired!

  5. you and your new friend look very good together......

  6. It sounds like a perfect day. Love the stitched felt.

  7. Wonderful, beautiful, organic fabric . . all new to me!

  8. what a natty gadget to have on the phone!...I havent logged on to cybery waves via my phone yet....figure it would be another thing to stop me from working...but do admire those of you that do so!
    The felty quilt looks great and the cat, well, allowed you to sit beside him/her........lol
    cats recognise nice people when they meet them!

  9. Nice for a girl to able to gad about with a matching fur and no guilt attached with this one.

  10. especially as the matching fur was long past the age of avian massacring, much preferring to lie draped over a pair of warm bare feet...

  11. i forgot to acknowledge the accidental sponsorship from our flagship airline....Qantas sickbags are perfect for use in thread dyeing as they don't fall apart when cooked!

  12. quilts you say..

    on felt batts?

    very touchy feely texture on these...

  13. These pics are all so beautiful. Wonderful compositions.

  14. i have that app - very much fun!
    are those sick bags the white plastic ones? i wonder whether the hospital ones work as well... wonder if they add any form of mordant to the pot!!???!!!

  15. any old paper will do, really, long as it has a bit of strength. i just happened to purloin a few sickbags in case they came in handy....

  16. "New friend...matching outfits." Hee hee.

  17. more sighs. really, so much goodness here on these cyber pages. i love that u found a twin cat and aren't those hot water pools at the sea's edge a hoot. i've seen them broil a snapper for dinner in one, well sort of. love that stitching app. and as for that other post about not sleeping on couches and flying budget airlines, hear hear! imagine if we took our trolley to the check out and said "I'll pay you next week". Ha! Still, it grieves me to know this. I know you are worth your weight in gold and am salivating in a ladylike way in anticipation of second skin. it is gonna be wonderful for sure because u my love are totes wonderful. x