Wednesday, 2 February 2011

felt furoshiki and why i live to dye

rather a lot of pictures and all of the same piece
it began as a 'class sample' during the 
enfoldments retreat back in September

went on the to the fieldworks class in Brisbane
where it was my evening stitching amusement
and had its first immersion in the dyepot
using windfalls gathered on an early morning wandering
[that's where it picked up the darker purplish marks]

last week i bundled it up with some 
a favourite due to its rich spicy fragrance
the reason i'm so excited about this small piece
is that the leaves have printed quite different colours
where they cross fibres of different provenance
deep red on wool stitching
green across some of the silks [even though they are also protein fibres]
the whirled is full of marvellous mysteries 

miss martha doesn't give tuppence for any of this nonsense
she has better things to do

* this species is beloved of gardeners but endangered in its natural habitat...the Acheron Valley in Victoria 


  1. beautiful furoshiki.............
    I saw one in the gallery shop i visited last weekend.......made out of plastic!
    Dont know if the artist didnt know the meaning of it or made a fun out of it.
    No matter how......... i prefer yours.

  2. Oh India the colours and textures are just so gorgeous and why I too have been attracted to this art.. At the moment I'm in need of gorgeous things to feast my eyes on, to help keep the nerves at bay. After tonight I will have plenty of 'windfall' to chose from.. lol. Yep, I have to laugh.. that's what keeps us going.
    hugs Annette in Townsville NQ

  3. Love the furoshiki [and everything else] and the new layout is super classy. Looking forward to doing a workshop with you one day

  4. Wow, wow WOW! (and that would be my response to your new blog look as well as your lovely furoshiki)

  5. mmmm the black makes the other pop with pure delishessness... lovely xo

  6. I have no idea what a furoshiki is... but I knows what I likes..... I and likes these!


  7. thanks for the kind words and
    just to explain
    'furoshiki' means a cloth for wrapping things in
    and the art of such wrapping can be quite stunning
    a squillion different ways of folding things...

  8. see, the gift within the wrapping isnt always the true prize...:)

  9. Whow..thanks for findung you! greetings from La Palma

  10. I don't blame you-- I would live to dye too if I could do what you do- love beautiful furoshiki.

  11. gorgeous cloth - I love the close ups and can see photos like your blog post contains arranged as a piece in and of itself!

    I gave myself your book for Christmas and it was one of my very favorite gifts this year!

  12. I just noticed that Miss Martha is hued in similar tones to your oh-so-lovely dyed and sewn pieces!
    Very curious?
    India... loving the new look reads like an excellent journal...the kind you cant afford to buy but drool over in some rare newsagency!
    Thanx for all words of late ... restless about things that are happening and falling under the radar as per ...
    pushing the dialogue here and there... ex. to have gritty words added in...
    ps hope that heat is not melting you over there!

  13. Sew beautiful....and that goes for your work as well.....always.

  14. These colours, and shapes and stitchings make my heart race.

  15. Happiness found. India your work is a pleasure to behold.

  16. yes, I understand..

  17. That is so incredibly gorgeous, if I could do that I would never want it to leave my hands. I love it! And yet again Mansfield pops up - I am sure this town is stalking me and I have never been there! Maybe I am destined to do a workshop with you in Mansfield? No jokes, this town has been popping up in my reading for the last two years - do you do any workshops there or do you plan to? Oh and I love your new banner!

  18. I am very excited that youre coming to HAYSTACK in
    New Hampshire -are you coming anywhere else in the US?
    Will you bring second skin?
    Lovely to find your blog,Sue Pellowe

  19. this is a a wonderful cloth india, and those greens are magical.


  20. I can see your passion and this piece is just gorgeosity...