Monday, 15 November 2010

i'm really really glad i'm not an actor

as a writer there's always that lurking discomfort at the thought of stumbling across your precious book on the remainder table or worse still
slung out to the op-shop

on saturday i was grateful that my aspirations as a thespian
had been dampened by three successive castings as
you guessed it
the price paid for being brown, skinny and long-haired in the white Australia of the 60s
but hey
at least i never made Hollywood
i'm not likely to find an image of myself
abandoned in a thrift store

on the bright side, there were no pins inserted


  1. yep
    much better to write the amazing book
    sell millions of copies
    have it made into a movie
    and ..
    get to meet cate blanchett

  2. better yet, clothe cate blanchett. remember edith head?(the word is tsilkis)

  3. I hope the licensed character take it personally!- J

    EH was amazing, I have done a faux bio on her...