Saturday, 27 November 2010

i am here

where i am for now
there is a house with a grass roof
and a circle of meadow
in a field of mown grass

this morning we stood around it
in our bare feet
[not a snake in sight]
closed our eyes
and listened for the distant sea
for birds in the trees
and closer
for the buzzing of the bees
and then
to the sound of our own breath

then we sat and stitched
and stitched some more
much later
we bundled the work
and filled the cauldrons
still steaming now [it's dark out there]


  1. sounds like a wonderful peaceful day...

  2. Just reading that has made me feel warmer as I sit bundled up in bed, full of cold, on an icy cold day in England. Thank you :)

  3. how I wish I could hear the sea. Maybe I'm not listening carefully enough.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog l have answered your remarks and I was very grateful for your advisexI have copied the answers here just in case you do not have time to return and see the replies. Oncde again l love your work and your bookxxlynda
    From my blog...
    Thank you for replying to me. I am very aware of what l am allowed to pick and not to pick. (didn't mean for that to sound rude!) We have notices in some places that ask you NOT to pick as they are either protected or need to be left to become more common in that place.
    I do know that the fly agaric is poisononous and was very careful but was curious what colour it would produce. (promise l will not be so silly next time!) I do not intend to pick it again promise. I have no children in the house but when dyeing l imagine l have , so l keep everything safe.
    Thank you for all your advice and l promise l keep notes and l do keep to all the safety rules concerning Eco Dying.
    Love your book and once again thanks for visiting.Lynda

  5. New Zealand is such a magic place. Think I'll make a trip to the beach tomorrow. Just to breath the air.

  6. did you take your shoes off, so you do not get pouf and vapourise :)
    love the magic on the cloth

  7. Hallo und liebe Grüße aus Österreich.

  8. Thanks for commentx In answer to your answer You are not bossy but just making sure all is safe and well...l appreciate your concern and no way was l upset.xlynda