Friday, 8 October 2010

the Museum of Economic Botany

the Museum of Economic Botany [Adelaide Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium]
is possibly my favourite museum in the whirled
it holds seeds, fruits, timbers and dye samples

recently a friend showed me a new book
published by the Museum
it comprises a series of essays by various people who have worked there
and have been involved in exhibitions
or other things

rummaging through the pages i found my name together
with some information that i though needed correcting
the correction appears below

the funny thing is
that even though i have offered [in writing] no less than three times
to prepare a set of eucalyptus dye samples [free of charge]
for the Museum [and donate it to them]
i've never had a response
and so eucalyptus dyes are not represented in
the Museum of Economic Botany

sad, really, when you consider that eucalyptus dyes and wool are a
match made in heaven...


  1. interesting, if an herbarium and museum can get a paragraph so wrong, it makes one wonder what else it might get wrong-- aside from not responding to your very generous offer--

    odd to my mind.

  2. Shame - maybe you should send them a link

  3. the museum (and not just this one) could be a spectacular resource.... if only they could get things right.... accuracy doesn't require a bigger budget - just a few folk in the right places getting thing RIGHT!

  4. Having worked in a very large, multi-site museum, I can tell you that they are often not sufficiently resourced to take advantage of gifts (and that accepting a gift can be a double-edged sword). I'm not suggesting this was the case here, but museums are lumbering, conservative, complex organisations with a very technical remit, of which the public face of exhibitions is the only one most people see.

    Have you been to the similarly themed museum in the botanical gardens at Kew. I can totally understand why you find the place so appealing. Kew is one of my favouritest places in the whole world too.

    I'm sorry the museum got details wrong, and I imagine that they are mortified to have done so.

  5. i merely thought that supplementing the 'traditional' dye display with samples of eucalypt dyes [economics at work] might have been a good idea