Friday, 1 October 2010

home alone

today i decided i'd done enough stitching
[for the time being]
on the dress that is to embellish
the cover of my next book [all being well]
so i dropped it on the pavement

sprinkled it with a bit of slosh from that bottle
[not exactly what it says on the label]
then it sat for a bit
before I added carob leaves [Ceratonia siliqua]
and a few other things
suspect the onionshells will be less fun to remove
than they were to sprinkle on

bundled it all up
and now the pot is simmering
over a gentle fire
let's give it a few days
before we have a look


  1. oh I cannot wait to see the reveal, the onion skins will make such great color! love your photos too!

  2. As usual I wait with bated breath to see what you will reveal!

  3. .....enjoy the few days..........

  4. I do love the carobs! they grow easily around here, frugal with water, and so generous, beauty and food..

  5. what a cliff-hanger...... I can't wait for the next installment..... will it be love at first sight? will it all end in tears? will the onions skins behave and depart when they've worn out their welcome....

  6. can't wait to have a look- the ingredients sound almost good enough to eat..

  7. 'almost' is the right word...the stuff in the bottle is very old urine that has been brewing with a few copper coins for about four years
    but the 12 year old Glenlivet was delicious

  8. you are talking my favorite poison!
    I could have some while I wait for your brew to be done. I'll bring my own bottle, thank you very much :>]

  9. does urine age well?!!! i love the bottled surprise.

    i wonder about the dress's next color and pattern incarnation.

  10. You gotta love an art form that lets you throw around cloth, chuck some wee and leaves on, throw it in a pot, boil and stew and then reveal some wonderment. can't wait to see the outcome

  11. wonderful combination - you, the cloth and the surprising leaves, the bottle and the magic above the fireplace Xd

  12. it's all so magical and maybe even a little wicca....appeals to my early memories.....