Friday, 24 September 2010

there and back again

Sophie Munns has kindly [again] filled in a few gaps
you can read her version of events here ...

and there are a few more details over the rainbow


  1. off to your links

    do you smell the rosemary greet?

  2. Hi India, I went to WOW last night, show was amazing and thought that Susan Holmes entry just looked beautiful up on the stage. So then came home to read up the catelogue only to discover it was your silk. Just beautiful. Susan has done you proud! Well done.

  3. Great images. I always am intrigued by the bundles. Makes me want to open one and peek.

  4. I read Sophie's post a few dayz back & drooled all over the keyboard (shouldn't admit that publicly). All that glorious dyed magic wafting in the breezes?! Be still my heart. Have never seen one of your cloths in person so I can only imagine, but I am starting to grasp the possibilities. Brother & sister plants have much to give!

  5. those photos gave me shivers...amazing...

  6. love the bundle star. exactly right.

  7. oh, I so missed spending the past week with you and walking and dyeing and just being.
    And sorry I missed the exhib opening (we'd spent a busy afternoon at a kid's birthday party.. oh, those 6yr olds are a crazy, busy, sugar-ed bunch!!!).

    - E