Monday, 27 September 2010


it's nice when there's a little space to do things
in between work [eg visit the William Robinson exhibition in Brisbane]

also nice to have space between works
such as those in the image below
laid out on the pavement
at the conclusion of 'fieldwork' [Queensland]
the space between
adds something to the work

and then there are other spaces
that appear unexpectedly
two are now available in the 'mapping country' class
first week of November at Mansfield in Victoria [AUS]

some of the beautifully dyed and stitched pieces from 
the fieldwork class

drawing by William Robinson

there's something magical about his paintings
he paints the whirled the way it feels
sometimes wrapped entirely around you
other times as if you're standing on a curvy bit
and the rest is falling away...
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  1. oooo I love the 'fieldwork' pieces .... all the work looks just like a big quilt laid out like so...

    (oh and I also love william robinson!)

  2. fieldwork looks like mapping, like gardens, like landscape from airplanes, like imagination.

  3. nice. that feeling when all the spaces are not filled.

  4. it's all so magical....I feel like I'm falling sometimes......

  5. sounds like you have the luxury of exhaling...

  6. Wow - what a selection of images. I have goosebumps. Gilly

  7. At first I thought, "I didn't know William Robinson was a painter, too?!" not realizing the landscape designer of much different fame was not this WR. Popped over to Google for a wee look-up. Very excited by what I found.

    This 'fieldwork' seems equally as inspired by the environment!