Friday, 3 September 2010

letting the cat[s] out of the bag

fingers crossed that Customs in Paris have released the parcel
in which case the Dresses
should be on display here
this month
but there's no point in me listing an address
attendance is [as i understand]
by invitation only
so i guess this is mere trumpeting on my part

oh and speaking of cats
the Watercats have a new blog
a kind of zen wandering
worth dropping into...


  1. What a beautiful dress, and to have it displayed in Paris, wonderful...


  2. Oh my, look at those lovelies...parlez-vous SCRUMPTIOUS?!!!

  3. I love over long, drag on the floor dresses.
    They speak of excess and luxury...

  4. Beautiful dresses, beautiful fabric--what type of silk is that?

  5. How i would love to see them in Paris......................

  6. so exquisite, beautiful markings and i love the drape. k.

  7. I see models walking them on the catwalk..superbe!

    ( what do you mean by......but there's no point in me listing an address)

  8. Your dresses are wonderful. If only I lived near Paris and had an invitation... They will be loved by their audience.

  9. think my comment got eaten by the web! I was just saying how honoured I am of the support and how touching it is when complete strangers are interested and willing you on your way.. and how the internet, when used this way becomes a proper part of human evolution!, lol!
    and how your dresses are divine!

  10. Your new dresses are breathtaking!

  11. These dresses are divine...well done to you!

    Eco haute couture. How exciting.

    Jacky xox

  12. thanks everybody for your encouraging words...seems i spoke to soon though, have just been advised that the dresses are stuck in Customs and although i've made the required declaration of contents on the box it seems i now have to supply a letter stating that i made them myself. sigh. how a piece of paper will provide the necessary proof baffles me.
    you'd think that by looking at them they'd see the things weren't made in a factory!!

  13. Dresses of astonishing beauty; made for dancing, a waltz, nah! a spinning, leaping, whirling, lifting up hem kind of Irish jig or Spanish jota because the cloth is pure joy.