Sunday, 12 September 2010

enfoldments, the travellers' notebooks

at Glenbarr, just north of Strathalbyn, South Australia
we spent a week dyeing paper, writing, stitching,
wandering and windfall gathering
we read our words aloud [this required courage]
we made folded books
boiled bark into ink
and sewed our interpretations of furoshiki [wrapping cloths]
to keep our precious treasures safe

ps i'm enjoying reading your contributions to the post below
entries close at midnight [South Australian time] on September 13
when i stop chuckling
i'll try and select a few recipients for parcels...


  1. The colors and markings on the papers splayed out in the first photo are fascinating. I am always curious about windfall materials gathered from all parts of the planet. What windfall materials created these deep colors?

  2. Just look at those bundles...I just love them...visual delights to drool over (not literary of course ha ah)
    Lynn xx

  3. phworrrr! booooooks! love it! (and what's this about boiled bark ink?)


  4. wonderful, what a week you must have had. bark ink? is it just concentrated boiled bark juice or did you add some hairofthedog?

  5. no dog hairs in sight
    bark ink made from Eucalyptus sideroxylon
    other colours from E. leucoxylon, E. cinerea and
    Pisolithus tinctorius

  6. Thanks India: I looked up the various eucalyptus and had a good laugh at the other names for the fungus, aka horse dung fungus and in Europe, Bohemian truffle.

  7. I wondered about using the natural dyes for paper. Are you kozo, or watercolour?

  8. Sorry! Forgot to say that the notebooks look amazing!!

  9. we used a range of papers from architectural detail paper to watercolour

  10. oh my god these are so incredibly beautiful! I absolutely LOVE bookmaking and these are delicious!!! Happy sigh....

  11. Lustworthy. I want to dye paper.

  12. well I wanted to leave my writing piece but it is a bit long, could you pop by my site to read it and see it? ?

  13. traveling companions, notebooks are.

  14. You know, India, sometimes when I view all the amazing creative work going on out there, and the use of materials in ways I have never fathomed before, I find myself wishing for a few consecutive lifetimes so that I can immerse myself in all of them...

    GORGEOUS notebooks!

  15. this is beyond inspirational. It's liberating. I'm sure it has been exhilarating to create them.
    thank you very much for sharing this experience.

  16. Lovely to see these parcels of gorgeousness.