Wednesday, 11 August 2010

a bit of [her]story

while we're waiting for that velvety thing to come to its senses
you might like to swing over to my mother's pages
for a bit of background information

and to put her story in context
a link here to the Museum of Occupation in Riga

a lovely Latvian meadow


  1. and what a grandmother! as well as having the gumption to leave her country ahead of the Soviets she's also the one who's responsible for me having colourful fingers.

  2. lucky you again, india. i wonder what my mom and i would be doing together had she lived to old age--

  3. That is quite a powerful bit of genetic makeup to be entwined with. Were you able to have many years with your grandmother?

    My own grandmother was responsible for first instilling in me a love of plants. She was German.

  4. .. no words left.

  5. The scars remain my family I think the scars have kept the words inside.Very poignant memories.
    PS: You made me laugh about the "slow items" in your cupboard! :)
    Have a nice day x

  6. thanks for sharing that, what awesome women you are