Wednesday, 7 July 2010

resuming normal transmission

not roadkill but windfall
a flower from a tuberous begonia
finds its way from the pavement of Quebec
into my pocket
where it meets a nasty end
squashed on to the piece of paper
i have been stitching on my travels
that blue at bottom right
is a result of the kaolin
on the surface of the backing paper
reacting with the red from the begonia
the top layer is gampi
in Toronto

dreaming of returning to Quebec in the Fall
it's full of maples and aspens
and sourwoods
all magical when muttered over
whilst in the cauldron


  1. there's a fine fromagerie (is that right?) in noyen this side of montreal. i don't know sourwood? happy trails...

  2. sourwood = oxydendron arboreum
    in Tennessee it prints BLUE on silk

  3. Your stitches on paper are fascinating ... as if your hand is tracing the undercurrents and harmonics of your travels ... beautiful colors and textures!

  4. Beautiful!
    How intence the reds are!